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Monday, May 4, 2015

God Girl Monday! Post #2

  His Divine Plan

We all face some difficulties in our lives,unfortunately. Sometimes we may feel that we're all alone when we are trying to make the grade that we want or trying to hit that baseball out of the park. There are somethings that we dream of doing ever since we can remember that we haven't quite mastered yet. Your plans might not always be supported by others, even if they are good plans.
   In that moment, when you feel absolutely hopeless, remember...


There is someone out there who loves you more than you or any other human being could ever love anything! Someone who cares about you so much and wants to hear everything that you have to say, and someone who thinks that you are so amazing they just can't stop thinking about you even though they have millions of other things to do...
GOD, that's who.
The absolutely perfect being who has created the entire universe loves you more than you can imagine. He is constantly giving you the opportunity to get closer to him, but do you always take it? Honestly none of us do! We value an invitation to someone's birthday party more than we value God's invitation. We also value our classmate's opinions more than we value God's.
  Do you want to know an amazing secret!???
If you want your plans to be fulfilled in the best way possible, make God apart of your plan.
He might not always approve of your plan, and that's ok. He will take that plan and make it even better because who else knows what's best for you than your creator? Include him in your prayers, share with him your plans, and tell him about your day, even though he already knows what happened. He loves you!

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