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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

God Girl......... Wednesday! What to read when you have lost your faith. There is a God.

You NEED To Know Nothing.

Science tells us that the entire universe was created by a big bang, and that we have a "self-creating" universe.
Science also tells us that humans went through evolution.
People tell us that we can't believe in God if we believe in any one of these, or both.

Religion tells us that God created the universe.

We will never be able to completely understand exactly how God created the universe. This is a problem for most human beings, including me. I am the kind of person, that needs hard facts. I almost lost my faith because of this bad habit. I hope that after reading this post you will never doubt God.

No human was there to write the creation story into the Bible, as it was happening. We believe that God guided the writers of the bible to write the creation story; in fact the Bible is not said to be completely historically accurate until the time of Abraham. This does not mean that whatever happened before this didn't happen, it just means that a few of the details may have changed a bit. Like EXACTLY what was said or what color a certain object was.

I can see how the evolution of humans could be partly true.
To me that just makes God WAY smarter because I know that there is no way that humans could have ever survived like we are now in past climates.

We don't know exactly how God did it, but he did create the universe, and we know that he did it out of love. That's all we need to know.

Don't let anyone set any standards to your faith because you don't need to know anything to have faith.
You're probably better off without knowing anything, to be honest.

God has worked many miracles in my life, enough for me to believe. I can't explain how those happened either, but I know that they did. That's enough for me.

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