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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Say Goodbye to Our Little Radio!

  We have tried numerous times to make the little radio on this blog work for us and our viewers, and it just wasn't working for us! We took it off because we felt like not only were we encouraging good music, we were also encouraging bad music. Your music is your music, but we did not want to contribute to anything of the sort. Here are a few Pandora stations that we highly recommend while you are crafting...

  1. Jamie Grace Radio
  2. Toby Mac Radio
  3. Francesca Battistelli 
  4. Casting Crowns
These are amazing Christian artists! There music is very modern and up-to-date.
Jamie Grace, isn't only a Christian artists, she is also an exceptional speaker. You can actually listen to her podcast. She talks to children and teens about following God's path. I can't deny it, but... I absolutely love her music. Her messages are amazing!

Toby's music is pretty awesome too! He's actually part of the reason that Jamie Grace is where she is. Oh, and God too, I'm sure, has helped.

Francesca is so amazing! Every song that she has ever written I have just adored. Her songs are so true, and I believe that quite a few of them have drawn me closer to God.

Casting Crowns is another Christian band that has great music! I don't know too much about them, except that they LOVE God. Isn't that everything that we need to know?

These stations are completely clean and kid friendly!
-Your Crafty Friends.

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