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Monday, May 18, 2015

A fashionable craft you and your friends can rock!

This summer when you get together with friends for a sleepover or just to hang out here is fun little craft that they can take home with them...

What you will need:
- a t-shirt ( any color you would like)
- freezer paper
- something to cut with
- something to write with ( a pencil works best )
- fabric paint ( any color you desire)
- sponge brush
- an iron
- tape ( optional and use tape that is not very sticky )

1.Decide what you want to stencil on your shirt and trace or freehand it on the papery side of your freezer paper.
2.Now take your cutting tool and cut out all the things you traced that you want to be covered in paint.
3.Position your stencil on your paper and iron it on (no steam), if you decide to tape the edges to reassure that the stencil stays in place.
4.Put a piece of cardboard inside the shirt that way the fabric paint doesn't leak through, then you can  take your fabric paint and paint your design with your sponge brush.
Quick Tips:
I would let my shirt dry for a day just to make sure the paint is dry.
Also the paint might leak a little in the tiny cracks near where you paint so just be careful.

Me and my crafty friends are sure to have fun doing this and we hope you do too.

           - one of your crafty friends

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