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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Please! Don't stop the music.

    Hey Everyone!
We recently added a radio to our blog. We're just testing it out, You can adjust the volume or completely turn it off if you would like to. You are welcome to change it to any channel that you would please. right now, we are not quite sure how it works, but here is our favorite music for you to craft to,

Because we are a Christian blog, we recommend the family friendly Christian station for all of your crafting.
 To get there follow the following steps...

  1. Click on "other genres"
  2. Click on "Religious"
  3. Click on the family friendly station.
It's that simple.
Of course, because we love you so much, we gave you all sorts of genres to play with, but this one, in our opinion, is by far the best!
Written With Lots of Love and Laughs,
Your Crafty Friends!

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