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Saturday, April 11, 2015


Many of you may be familiar with our blog from the past,
One day recently, as we were beginning to blog, we began to wonder, "If I were looking for a crafting blog, would this be the place for me to go?". Although we had a lot of page views, very few were returning page views and that worried us. I quickly searched us through Google and I had an extremely hard time finding the blog. We decided that it would be a good idea to start fresh and new with a brand new email, Pinterest, and blog! Why is a new email so great? well, we no longer have the past burdens of all of our failed attempts, Also, with the new email, we can have efficient communication with our crafters. They no longer have to ask us questions that they would rather be personal through the comments like they had to before. Hopefully we will get many new subscribers.

Not only will our blog be better, but we will be better at posting tutorials and pictures to help you with your crafts!

Think of this blog as Craft Friend's Craft Solutions 2.0! 

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*Please leave emails for showing us crafts that you may have, ask questions through comments if they are not personal. Please keep all emails clean and positive. Before sending always ask yourself if your grandma or teacher would approve. Here at Crafty Friend's Crafty Solutions we have a ONE strike rule. Any inappropriate emails will be handled appropriately. You may loose all email access! Thank you for following the rules!

Happy Crafting!
- Your Crafty Friends!

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