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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

God Girl Monday... Now Tuesday Post #1

     Don't Get Lost Along The Way!

   The older you get, the harder it may be it stay on the path. I know what you're thinking... Great, another one who thinks life is a highway. Next they're going to tell me that wrong turns are everywhere, and we need to avoid them, or what may seem cool may not be the right thing. I know its right, but I've read, like, tons of stuff like that, and I'm tired of it!

The truth is, I could sit here writing to you all day about stuff that you have heard millions of times before. When we here things too much, they start to loose their meaning. For example, many of the prayers that are spoken often begin to loose their meaning after a while of saying them too. Unintentionally, we say them without even thinking about it. God tries to listen but how is he going to answer your prayer if you aren't even praying. 
Answer the following questions...
When was the last time I actually prayed?
When was the last time I thanked God instead of constantly asking him for things that I need?
When was the last time that I fell to my knees in awe of my creator?

Ok, Yeah, yeah, Huh?
What do you mean, fell to my knees in awe?

I don't know what your answer was, but most people will struggle answering these.

It's ok, let me show you what I mean. Take a look at this picture.

This is a real picture! It's most commonly known as "Pillars of Creation".
Yes God made this and so much more.
Do you have any posters of bands that are currently popular? Do you notice how some people, maybe even you, can get obsessed with the latest "thing"? It's ok to really like a new thing, but it is unhealthy to completely obsess over these things.
Just remember that if God can create EVERYTHING, then he can do ANYTHING! Start to notice all of the amazing things in our world and ask yourself, could I have done that?
  These bands are melting our hearts, but why? It is because they have cute hair and they write really cool songs. God created the universe and everything in it. Do we have posters of him on our walls?
God can do anything. Does he have his own comic book series? Not that I know of. A lot of people believe that idolatry just worshiping a golden calf or a statue. Believe it or not, that is incorrect! Idolatry could be worshiping your phone. Anything that COMPLETELY prevents you from worshiping God is idolatry.
Always make time for your creator. He loves to hear from you!
Here's our prayer for the week...
Dear Loving Father,
Sometimes I may take for granted all of the beautiful things that you have put in this world for me. Help me to remember that you are the biggest super star that there is! No one can ever replace you. People are humans, and they may sometimes let me down, but you never do. If you don't answer my prayer, you have an even better plan for me. Help me to except that plan, and make this world a better, not worse, place in everything I do. You, my absolutely perfect father, will do anything for me, a sinner. Create in me a pure heart. THANK YOU, FOR EVERYTHING!
The picture in this post was taken by the Hubble Telescope. Nasa is responsible for it. Thank you Nasa!

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